HELP with Flat file

Hi Guys,
I seem to have a strange issue with Flat file development. Kindly help me

Here is the flat file data I am trying to process: (I have attached the file as a sample)


As you can see the file has a single header record(Record Identifier: HDRC) and multiple default records. To process this I did the following
1.Create the dictionary with a record definition for the header as well as a record definition for the ‘default records’ (See screen shot attached)

  1. Create the schema definition
    Using a delimiter (,) and CRLF to seperate records
    Also indicating record identifier at position 0
    Also specified the default record

3.Create the flat file structure
Created a new record reference , and ensure the name of the record reference matched the Record ID in this file in this case HDRC

4.Saved and Clicked on create document type ()

I was expecting to see
A. Single Hearder DOcument
B. A list of recordwithNOids

Yet I see the following
recordWithNoID (list)

When I now try to test this schema, the object(ffValues) that is output does not match the Document type generated.

Please help me identify what I might be doing wrong. (150 KB)