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We have a legacy application database. We’re writing a Web Service that will expose a high-level API for the database (we’re writing the Web Service in .NET, if that makes any difference).

We have a new customer who would like to interface their existing webMethods 6.0.1 infrastructure to our database (via our new Web Service). We don’t know anything about webMethods, but the customer assures us that “all we have to do is provide a Web Service” which webMehods will consume.

But that creates as many questions as it answers! How can webMethods consume an arbitrary Web Service without someone writing code that knows what to do with the various methods our Web Service exposes??

Is there anyway (short of buying a copy of webMethods) to get a technical overview of how webMethods interacts with external Web Services? BTW: I don’t mean an overview like “it uses SOAP over HTTP” (that we already know). But more along the lines of what you must write or configure in webMethods to allow it to interface to a Web Services.

The webMethods “brochures” on their site are too general to provide much useful information about how it actually works! (and it looks like the FAQ’s are non-existent).

ANY guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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At Starting you can send your webservice (WSDL file) or give wsdl location(url for dowloading the wsdl) to your esteemed Customer (webservice consumer)who is using webmethods6.01 infrastructure.Then in the webMethods there is an option to load this wsdl document using webMethodsConnector which will load the appropriate webservices exposed in the Internet/network by using(URL,Authentication etc…) and will handle request/response with webservices.

And recently webMethods released new products webMethodsGLUE/FABRIC for secure handling webservices integration,which you might have seen this on webMethods site.

Regarding buying or getting trial version of webMethods Software you can register in this official site

And this site is like one stop shop for the webMethods Products,documentation,Tech Support,Forums and general information etc,…

If not please contact webMethods SalesRep in your region/country nearest to your location.

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In particular, the question of “how does someone know what to do with the Web services after they have a WSDL”, is the same for all APIs - there has to be some other documentation that goes along with the WSDL for anything more complicated then:
Float getDelayedStockQuote(String tickerSymbol).

Since you are surfacing DBMS services, there may be an implied state to the calls and there is no useful generic standard for passing session information around for stateful Web services. This means this would have to be supported by your service API and documented in your User Doc.

Choreographing calls to multiple Web services is very straightforward within the webMethods platform. If you have a specific choreography in mind you can define it in a BPEL editor and give that as documentation. BPEL (with some limitations) can be imported into webMethods Modeler, so they will get the call sequence correct the first time.


Hi,[developer fundamentals]

I am srinivas learning webMethods developer6.x. I want to be good in fundamentals .Could anybody can send me documentation on the technical examples with steps using BRACNH,LOOP,MAP and SEQUENCE…Kindly respond to my request…

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The webMethods Learning Portal has a webMethods Fundamentals course for Integration Server (and Developer) 6.1 that is useful (at least once you skip the market-fluff-heavy “architecture” section). You or your company can purchase that course or an eLearning Passport, which entitles you to take multiple courses.

There is a Developer Tutorial for from 4.6 available on Advantage that is still useful for learning the basics. There are some significant changes in the layout of Developer that you will need to anticipate, but the Flow basics are still valid.



can anyone please help me out!
I am trying to invoke webservices using webMethods Developer, what are all possible ways to invoke webservices from WM Developer,where the webservices are developed in Java.


For invoking webservices using Developer,first you need to get the WSDL file from java team and load it using WebServiceConnector option in the developer and assign wsdl and this will create webserviceconnector flowservices,documenttypes,input/out signatures etc…This wsdl also should contain how to process the SOAP webservice transports like (SOAP-MSG,SOAP-http,SOAP-RPC)processors.

Also please go thru the ISSOAPDevelopers userguide for more information regarding setup,configuration etc…

For exclusive webService integrations webMethods provided Glue/Fabric tools.


Wanted to use wsdl2java to convert a wsdl(created from Developer) to java client program. Does anybody know where I can get this. Does this needs a license.

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Did you tried using with WM Glue product?

i’m using webMethods 8.2 and want to use ws-security as customized Header handling .bcoz i want to pass username & password dynamically.Can anybody tell how to implement it.