Help Updating A Table

I have a TestName Table with 2 columns; ServiceName and State which accept integer for their State(0=inactive, 1=active)

I have a document with two strings, ServiceName and State(Pick List of Active and Inactive)

I also have a service which reference this document, invoking an upDate adapter to update my TestName Table

I want to upDate a TestName table’s ServiceName with either an Active or Inactive State from my service, but is will store 1 in database for Active and 0 for Inactive

How do I configure a service to upDate this table, receiving a string(Active or Inactive) from my service but store an integer 1 for Active or 0 for Inactive into my table


Hi stahorse,
What kind of adapter are u sing JDBC, Siebel or etc. Next go through that adapter documentation, for Update adapters. U will get the infomration u needed. In case of JDBC, while creating the adapters u can mention what kind of input are u giving and what field type it correspondes, adapters does do the rest.