Help needed on Broker

Hi All,

I want to know how to view contents of documents published to Broker. I know we can view the entry in BrokerAdmin saying that the document is last published and also we can subscribe to the doc using trigger. But I need to view the physical contents of the published document, please let me know how can I view the contents.

I heard that we can view it from Monitor but I could not see them in Monitor.

Please help me out ASAP


we use Document Tracker. Although it’s not supported by WebMethods it’s very useful during development.

You can also use savePipelineToFile before publishing document in Your service.


WmMonitor will allow you to view both the service executed and also the document as published to the broker. These are not enabled by default. To view the service (flow) and the pipeline as it appears as input into the flow service you must turn on flow level auditing. There is a tab for this in your flow service. For document logging you must turn it on via the WmLoggingUtil and enable it in the broker. I find typically that service level auditing is enough and don’t enable document level logging.

See the WmMonitor guide for more details.