Help calling webservice from 2 different flow services

RMG or EXperts,
I have one webservice, which i will be calling from two different flow services for partner A and Partner B…(Both Partner A and Partner B has different username/password to call webservice…)…webservice does a HTTP Post.when i invoke webservice for partner A it works fine…when i invoke the same web service for partner B,It works fine…the problem is after i First call the webservice for partner A…it fails when i try to call it for partner B…same way If I call the web service first for partner B…it works fine and fails for Partner A .I was clearing the pipeline in each invoke.still i face same problem…plz help


Sharing the relevant portions of the error message(s) you are receiving would be helpful.

Is the web service hosted by IS or by another provider?


Thank you mcarlson for your response.I was able to fix the problem…The solution is…the variable names in both the services are the same…i am passing them to Inputs of webservice.changing the variable names fixed the problem…Thanks again for your time:smile: