Hello, first posting, first problem ( JDBC-adapter)


my name is Francois and I am new to developing in webMethods.
Today I was trying to use the startTransaction, commitTransaction , rollbackTransaction ( from WmART).

I tried to insert a series of rows , input to the flow service was a document with a list of key, description pairs that simply should be inserted in a table in an Oracle database.

The connection used was configured with LOCAL_TRANSACTION.
I deliberately entered in the inputdocument ,for the third row, a string that was too large to be inserted into the Key-column of my table.

At the start of the flow I invoked StartTransaction
After the insert-error the rollbackTransaction service was executed but the rows inserted before the error-row still appeared in the table.

Is there anyone who knows what might be the problem.


“Today I was trying to use the startTransaction, commitTransaction , rollbackTransaction ( from WmART)”

How are you invoking these ART services in your flow… can you put your flow steps here…Please search this forum there are number of threads discussed on the procedures of how to use these services in Try/Catch blocks for commit,rollback(incase of error) scenarios…


Check out this thread:


and make sure your startTransaction is before your Sequence that includes the insert call.


Did you fixed your issue or still having problems??Just trying to find out…
Above thread will definetly guide you calling hierarchy of ART db services in Try/Catch sequences…


The problem I experienced had nothing to do with the wm code I wrote. The code was correctly written.
But the cause of the problem must be, that I checked the database after my wm-job, using TOAD. It seems that using wm-transaction processing and SQL-code in TOAD is not working fine.

Currently I use a new wm-job to check the database and this is working as I expect it.

Glad to know it is working…