Heap Memory

Hi Team,

Any idea on how to identify the actual heap memory allotted in the windows system? I think it’s based on the RAM is it correct? Is there any commands to get that data and calculate how much is occupied currently and how much is available?


Hi Krishna,

you can check with TaskManager (“Performance” Tab).

In IS Admin UI on the Statistics page you can see the memory consumption if the IS JVM.

Additioally you can try to evaluate the stats.log of IS (IntegrationServer/logs).


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Thanks Holger.

And also we can use the below command to get the memory statistics in windows system.

      c:\systeminfo | findstr "System Memory"

CPU utilization is reaching to 100 % when i am bringing the integration server,MWS and UM, am using 2 core cpu as suggested by softwareag. Do you have any suggestion on CPU utilization?

CPU cores is like money, the more the better. Only two cores is barely enough to do the job for the webMethods stack you mentioned that includes IS, UM, and MWS. If your license agreement with SAG allows for only two cores, then maybe this is the reason why you have only two cores. What type of environment is it, DEV, TEST, QA, Production? A non-production environment may be OK with fewer system resources if money is tight. A production environment will need enough system resources to do the job.

Here is something to think about; it is a comment I hear from a SAG representative. MWS is a non-licensed product. So, consider moving MWS to an alternate server and throw lots of resources at it. Then your server with only two cores will only have to serve IS and UM.


Thanks for the info.

Yes, you are correct. CPU cores is like a money. Is it the same for virtual system as well?

Let me think through the option to move the MWS to other system.

This is for non-production environment only.



is the cpu usage only high when starting the instances up and then lowering after some minutes or it is keeping up all the time?

The first one is known, but the second one should be analyzed.


Yes Holger. you are correct. Initially when am bringing up all wM components, it’s reaching to 100% and then it’s coming down to 50 to 70%.

Overall it’s fluctuating between 40 to 100%.


It doesn’t sound like you have a problem yet. It is common for the CPU to get max’ed out during startup because a lot goes on at that time. This is especially true if you are starting all 3 products at the same time. As for the CPU fluctuating between 40% and 100%, that doesn’t sound like an issue to me.

As for monitoring heap usage, the best tool by far that I’ve used is visualVM. It comes pre-packaged with the JVM that is already part of your installation. Look under the jvm\jvm\bin folder for a file called jvisualvm.exe.

If your servers are running as Windows services, you will have to configure a JMX port so that jvisualvm can connect to them.


Thanks. Let me check this.