Heap Memory and Real Memory usage

Hello everyone!

We are with the following scenario in our integration servers:

[check the attachment]

And I have the following questions:

1 - Currently, our Terracotta cluster manager is using about 11GB. Is this value normal?

2 - We only have 2 Integration Services running and being managed by Terracota. Is there a way to limit or decrease this memory usage?

3 - We set the “wrapper.java.initmemory” and “wrapper.java.maxmemory” properties to, respectively, 8192 and 12288 to our Integration Service. Why does the IS service is using 20GB of memory? Shouldn’t be something below 12GB?

4 - We set the “wrapper.java.initmemory” and “wrapper.java.maxmemory” properties, respectively, 4096 and 8192 to our Universal Messaging. Why does the UM service is using 14GB of memory? Shouldn’t be something below 8GB?

5 - Our actual Universal Messaging Heap Memory usage is about 400~1500MB and we have about 6000MB of free heap memory available. If we decrease the heap memory max size to 4096MB will we have a problem?

I am asking this because we had to restart our both integration servers and UM to solve a high memory usage, about 92%, that we were having. We are doing a study to optimize this usage.

Thank you!

Hello Renan,

The memory you are referring in your screenshot is virtual memory not physical memory.

Also by looking at the screenshot, we can say that usage (CPU & Mem)is normal, So not sure what is the actual issue you are facing.

Are you facing any performance issue in your IS, TC or UM ? why you need to restart your server.


Hello Mr. Yogesh, thank you for your reply!

Hmmm, I did a little search and you are right, the “VIRT” column value isn’t the right one. The right one is the “RES” columns who shows the correct memory usage of the process. Which is pretty normal for me too.

“Are you facing any performance issue in your IS, TC or UM ?”
Actually, no. We are not facing any issue with our programs. We are just concerned about the memory usage.

We are using a software to monitor our integration servers and this program is constantly emiting warnings about the free memory percentage, as yesterday it decreased to 1%. So, we had to restart UM and the IS services trying to release the used memory. It worked, but we are concerned if this high memory consumption will return.