Healthcare integration

Are there any libraries that can parse an HL7 message in Mirth ?

Hello @kunmesh

Software AG has a “webMethods Module for HL7” that runs on top of the webMethods Integration Server (info here:
webMethods Module for HL7 10.5 Installation and User’s Guide ( )

I don’t Mirth but from what I read it’s an integration middleware platform. The webMethods Integration platform can integrate with other platforms.

I’m assuming this is what you want to know?

Anyway, please read the above docs, and respond here if you are looking for something else.


Thanks I think this should be availabl on mirth io

Can you clarify what use case(s) you need to solve? Do you have a webMethods integration platform to integrate with HL7 messages on Mirth?
Like I said, the wM Module for HL7 runs on top of the webMethods Integration Server.

yes thats correct

or as an alternative webmethod io handle B2b integration with healthcare systems like cerner or epic using HL7

Are you wanting to do this B2B / HL7 integration in the cloud ( B2B) ?
Or is the processing meant to be done in an on-premise environment.

Yes on cloud

Basically, I would like to receive an HL7 ORM message in Mirth (e.g., REST HTTPS). send it to my other applications. One of it accepting data via. TCP/IP & the other via REST service.

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