Health Report for all clusters-help(schedulers)

Hi All,

I have developed a utility which shows me the report across all the clusters like say for eg, if a scheduler is disabled, which actually needs to be enabled, I get a warn message in the report, so that i can check why it was disabled.

So now i had only two criteria which were included.

  1. If a scheduler is suspended, then i get a WARN.
  2. If a scheduler is enabled, which needed to be in suspended state, I get a WARN.

Now i need this third criteria.

  1. What if a new scheduler is added, I would need a WARN again.

Till now, I have utilized wm.server.schedule:getUserTaskList which gives me a list of all tasks(Scheduler), I’m looping over this and checking for tasks/execState. If execState=suspended, then i send a warn message as per our conditions. and if it execState= ready , then it is Active.

Now how i check my third condition, which is when any new scheduler is added, then what needs to be done.

Any inputs would be appreciated.



First add the list of schedulers that needs to exist in an Integration Server into a configuration file (delimited to a key-value pair).

When you run your service and extract list of schedulers using ‘getUserTaskList’, and also extract the scheduler name list from configuration file. Compare both the lists to check if there are any differences. If there are differences, identify the missing Scheduler name and use the same to Warn.

Hope this helps.