Hash Tables - What happens to them when the top-level service ends ??


I need to create a couple of Hash Tables for lookup purposes in this Multiple Payments (PAYMUL) solution that I’m working on. What actually happens to the memory that was used for the Hash Table once the top-level service, from which the Hash Table was created. Does that Hash Table still exist in memory or does it get wiped ??


I’m quite sure that they are wiped from memory after the top-level process has ended, although I couldn’t find that it specifically said so in the documentation.

What I’ve done when I need to save data for look-up is to use WmPublic:storage:*-services (datastore). It’s also possible to save hashtables in the datastore if you put the hashtable inside a document first. Or you could save the data directly into documents and put those on the datastore and assign different keys to them.

I’m not sure what’s best practice here in your case but maybe this gives you some direction.

It will be garbage collected.