Hash table implementaion

Hi Experts,

In our flow we have a stirng which need to be searched and replaced with different string. So we had pub.String.replace to replace the string.

But now we have too many items/strings to be searched and replaced.

So using a replace function many times is not a better option.

We decided to implement hash table concept.

Could anyone please suggest us how to implemnt this search and replacing in hash table?

Any documentation available anywhere?


Not sure why you want to use hash table for this.
if just for storing the FromStr and ToStr pairs, yes, you should be able to use it, just write a few lines of java code (declare the harsh table there), with a setValue, getValue wrapper service.

There’s also some built-in services in the pub.storage folder.

I think regular expressions can be used depending on the number of strings that needs to be replaced.