Hardware liabilities for webMethods Installlation\Upgradation ver7.1

Hello All,

We have been runnning our integration environments on wM 6.1 and wM6.5 vers. However we have gone ahead in migrating to wM7.1. According to the software licenses made initially we were granted the installations on a single core Server. Now that there have been several advances in the hardware Techonologies, latest servers come with dual core or quad core processors. In such situations, could i know if there are any hardware management tools available that could make webMethods use or function on one core of the 2 or 4 cores in the new servers? Or is there any other option that webMethods provides to function on a single core processor?

MS SQL Server does have the option of deciding how the SQL Server must use the processors(whether single core or more) in the Server Machine. We did like to know if there is any option such as this in webMethods?

I suppose one possibility, is to handle such situations at the OS level or at the JVM level. If I am understanding this right, then has anybody come across any tested and tried solutions??