Happy Ending Stories

I was wondering, which would be great ideas to implement with the webMethods Suite 7.1 in an insurance company.
I know that BPM claims management process is one, using the CAF, Designer and the BAM components.
Do anyone of you guys have been successful with others process?

from my experience, the great thing about BPM projects is that there are a lot of project ideas that can be approached that are not industry specific. take a look at the processes and activities within your organization that are :

  1. bleeding money due to inefficiencies
  2. have a high rate of failure
  3. are highly redundant
  4. require human and system interactions across a number of environments

i’m sure within your organization you can find a number. i would approach these and create appropriate business cases to support their development. try a measure first approach by using Optimize to collect perform some preliminary metrics. the best way to get this done, and not cost you a dime is to contact your RSM or SE and propose what they call a BAM Only PoC. the director for the BPM / BAM / CAF team is Peter Palmer, who may also be a good target for arranging this depending on the relationship you have with your sales team.

generic projects that might be good fits include :

  1. procure to pay
  2. HR onboarding
  3. internal resource requisitions

I know BPM, BAM, and CAF are the “hot” items right now but don’t overlook the “lower tech” components such as Integration Server and Trading Networks. IMO, the reason wM achieved success is due to IS.

Absolutely, everything has their origins. But my impression was that fpereira was asking about good BPM project candidates. The issue I see with the “lower tech” products you mentioned is that they are generally “techie” focused and mean very little to the business who most often pay for projects and new capital purchases. It is also my opinion that projects moving forward, regardless of technology, will have deeper involvement of a wider range of skill sets. Products like Lombardi’s Blueprint, Software AG’s AlignSpace, and IBM’s rebranding of their Cognos acquisitions from Adaptive Analytics to Business User Experience I think are excellent examples of this.