Handling Failed Documents

How are others in this group handling failed messages due to transient errors in the environment? IE. max time out / retry due to unavailable servers at a trading partner.

Have any of you written sweeper functions to go back and restart failed transactions or are you doing it all manually through TN? If you have created something I would like a copy to start from – you know plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

Thanks in advance!

We wrote SQL against the TN database to look for failed docs and automatically restart the doc (not resend a new one).
Run the sql first - then loop over the results - and run the “TN.RESTART” service -mapping JobID to the taskid of the restart service.
Here’s the sql:
NOTE: You should probably parametize the date range so that you can run without having to always change the sql.
Hope this helps. If you need me to send the actual flow, let me know.

DeliveryJob ON OUTTER.DocID = DeliveryJob.DocID
WHERE ((DeliveryJob.JobStatus = ‘FAILED’) AND
((DeliveryJob.TimeCreated > ‘11/12/2002’) and (DeliveryJob.TimeCreated < ‘11/15/2002’)))