Handling failed deliveries

I want to use the preferred delivery option on the trading partner profile. I can configure the retry options but I don’t see anywhere to tell it what to do when it exceeds the number of retries set. It just stops. It seems I should be able to get an Email notification and change the user status or something similar. webMethods support told me I would have to custom code something. Okay, but can I do that with out having to do everything. I have seen the thread discussing how to find and retry failed documents so I suppose, I could write a scheduled service to look for and alert me about these documents. What do you do to handle failed deliveries?

We just use the TN Console to find and “restart” failed deliveries manually. However, this is quite tedious if a large number of failures have occured. .

One often overlooked tool is using the retry factor and retry limit appropriately in TN. Failed deliveries can be retried automatically for as long a time as you like (even days). I’ll put up an Excel spreadsheet for calculating delivery timing in the share section. Note: the timing calculations don’t seem to work properly in B2B 4.0.x.

When I receive certain documents and they fail, they are being reprocessed and I don’t want them to. Is there a way I can see if this “retry factor” is somehow turned on so that I can turn it off?

In the profile - Delivery Method, you have the retry count

In the TN Console, under the profile - Delivery Method, you have the retry count

So documents that have an unknown sender automatically resubmit every hour? That’s what’s happening to us and it would be nice if that didn’t happen…

Documents get rebmitted only if you create a task for their processing. If you dont want them to be resubmitted then dont use tasks.


I am trying to create retry in my model using modeler 6.0. I have to send the request through Http to other application and get back the response in 3 minutes. I have associated retry exceed step(max 3) to my request step and Timeout step to my response step. But it is trying for the first time and goes to the error step after timeout through response. It is not repeating for 3 times. How to achive the retry in modeler. Has any one implemented. Please share the same.