Handling Exceptions When End System are down

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I’m working working on a flow which synch data from oracle db and SAP R/3 sys… its a plain intergration , No Monitor here…

  1. How can i handle the exception fired during the end systems are down… I mean when wM is holding data pulling from db if SAP is down … what i can do… In SAP i’m invoking an RFC wic will push data into R/3 sys.
  2. Similarly in vice versa when i need to push into db … what can i do…

As i know i can have Retry option … but if it fails in all retries also then?

And how actually configure Retry option in flow service…?

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Comments are as follows :

  1. Have the DB operation and SAP RFC call as a single block of operation . When the end systems are down the worst case is half data-synch’d and half left over. Address this issue first .

  2. Use batch insert/select for DB .

  3. In both the cases (to and from DB ) you should be using canonicals and those canonicals can be serialized to your disk in case of any failures and you use a retry service to manually start from the point where it failed .

  4. Retry can be done by using repeat . Exit on success , retry on failure . You many dynamically give the values for retry count and retry interval as per your need .


Thanks Dhruv,

I’m using Pub-Sub Model wit Guaranteed Delivery… and What the use of Batch insert here?
There are no Canonical used here …

This Retry option i know…

I wanna know there is a mechanism … In case of Transient error how can i handle… there is some option … to throw a retry exception checking the flag…


This has been covered several times in this forum. Do some searching and you will find the answer. It’s also covered in the pub/sub guide that comes with the product.

I have searched all the posts … but none was suited for my prb; And If wM Monitor is used then it easy … but there is no monitor here…


Have you considered using pub/sub?

Retries are configured on the triggers. Just make sure your triggered service throw a ‘Retry for Exception’, and that they are transactional. You can have infinite retries - of course, your remote system would have to come up before the queues filled up.

I’m given to understand that you really need Broker to make this enterprise grade.

Read pub/sub documentation , and look for resource monitoring service . U need to create a resource monitoring service and configure your trigger accordingly.read the documentation so that u can understand clearly.