Guidelines to create a new webservice

Hello All,

I am new to webservices. I have developed a flow service which I want to make it as webservice. Please let me know what are the steps needed to expose this service as a webservice.

I had gone thru the documentation. It says to create a WSDL file. I dont think this is sufficient to make a flow service as a webservice.

Any help would be appreciated.


Since you are new to the webservices, maybe you assumption is a little thin. It would be good to know the environment you are working with so we can direct answers and comments towards that, I am assuming webMethods 6.0.1 as your environment. Anyway, the web in webMethods is about automatic webservices and this happens whenever you create any service. The menu system under Tools Generate WSDL will give you a simple dialog box for the active service you selected. This dialog will generate the WSDL, which is just a contract that what is passed in an out of the service should be right, that you can give to anyone who wants to connect to your service from the outside world. Of course, I assume the server name is exposed as far the connect available (intranet, internet). webMethods really does make it that simple to be knee deep in the webservices bananza. Others comments heavily welcomed. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

The environment I am working on is webMethods 6.1. As I have said earlier I had gone thru the documentation. It says at one point that -once you develop a service (flow/java etc) this can be invoked by any protocol (SOAP, HTTP) and webMethods has underlying layer to understand the request and invoke the service.

But at the same time, under the creation a WSDL file, it says that the input and output parameters have to follow different rules for different protocols. I am pretty much confused.

Please throw some light on this.

Appreciate your reply


Since you read that, then you already know of the ease of creating the webservice and WSDL. You can always test a service by going to its url [url]http://localhost:5555/invoke/pub.math/addInts?num1=3&num2=4[/url] or for example Packages -> Management -> WmPublic -> Browse services in WmPublic -> pub.math:addInts -> Test addInts -> 3, 4, test (with inputs).
I assumed that you have local access to the server and execute ACl priveledge on the addInts service. The WSDL should have the URL, input and outputs defined for this. You can keep it simple and use the default settings in the WSDL. There are already postings for working with SOAP clients if that is your need. you can also check out for some SOap information. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Hi Sateesh,
There are three protocols, http post, http get and rpc. First, you select which protocol you want to use, for example, http post, then, follow the steps in the document to create the wsdl file.
Second, try to test the wsdl file using ‘WebServiceStudio’; make sure to use the same protocol as you create it. You can get ‘WebServiceStudio’ from:
If you can invoke the webservice using WebServiceStudio, then, you can follow the document in your .net or java environment to use it.