Guidelines for Tuning JDBC Adapter Services


  1. Are there any Guidelines/Recommendations available for JDBC Adapter flow servrices for better tuning, performance and scalability.
  2. Are there any Software Ag Testing Bench marks available for Oracle/Sql server databases for selectt/insert/update/delete adapter servcies
  3. Are there any configurable parameters in webMethods that will help the above

Thank you

  • PK

Hi Praveen,

there is no general guide line at the moment as this depends on a lot of parameters.

There are currently 3 different versions of the JDBC Adapter: 6.5, 9.0 and 9.10:

  • JDBC Adapter 6.5 is available for all current webMethods versions. For versions wM 9.10 and newer a migration to 9.0 or 9.10 should be considered.
  • JDBC Adapter 9.0 is available for all current webMethods versions in the wM 9.x and the wM 10.x stream.
  • JDBC Adapter 9.10 is available for wM 9.10, wM 9.12 and the wM 10.x stream.

Dependend on the database vendor and database version there are several different drivers/driver types which have different performance scales.
Additonally there might exist parameters on the database side which can be tuned by DBA to optimize the performance (number of processes, SGA heap, …).

Performance is also related to the design of the tables (how many columns, how long are they, of which datatype, are the right columns indexed for faster queries, …) and the expoected amount of data in the tables (how many rows).

For configuration parameters see the corresponding Adapter Users Guide.



The closest thing to configurable parameters that may impact the performance of your JDBC services are the parameters that you can configure on the JDBC connection itself. Other than ensuring that the database pool is appropriately sized (and that the minimum pool size is set to zero), customers don’t typically tweak the other settings except in extreme cases.

Are you running into a particular issue that we may be able to help with?