Global variable across cluster


I’m thinking about using a global variable to store the availability of a 3rd-party tool.
I have 2 IS that will ultimately be part of a cluster, and I’m wondering : will the global variable be shared across all ISs in the cluster? Or if I have to change its value, then I must do it on each IS?

Thank you for your help with this,


you can use the cache API provided by IS.
Check IS Admin guide, chapter: Configuring Ehcache on Integration Server
API are under: pub.cache

Thank you for your suggestion Tong Wang, that’s indeed a solution that I had not thought about.

Though I’m still curious about the global variable and if it’s shared across clustered IS.


Global variables should be unique, and they are specific to IS instances. As you have multiple IS in a cluster, these variables should be identical in all Integration servers that form a cluster.

Using ehcache API also, the scenario is same. When you try to put/get key/value pair in IS, it will be local to that Integration server. You need to make use of distributed cache to share same objects across different clients (IS)

  • Terracotta with distributed cache license