Global task inbox


I have a BPM with three human task’s that use the same Business Data Document’s. Each one of the tasks has an inbox.

What I want is to create a global inbox that aggregates all the task types similar to the already existing myinbox portlet. The only difference is that I want to be able to search for task by custom data present in the Documents that are shared in all tasks.

As it is not possible to customize MyInbox portlet, how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

You’ll still have to create a custom Task Inbox to search custom business data, and the structure of the business data should be consistent across the different task types.

In the java code for your custom Task Inbox, you’ll need to comment out one line of code:

public MyInboxSearchProvider() { 
   super(TASK_TYPE_ID); // task type id to search 
   m_searchQuery = new MyInboxSearchQuery(); 
public MyInboxSearchProvider() { 
   m_searchQuery = new MyInboxSearchQuery(); 

Hope this helps,

Thanks! That was precisly what i wanted… I was struggling with portlets and web applications, and it was as simple as commenting only one line of code…

Thanks again!