Global data in pipeline

How can we have a global data stored in pipeline or context which should be started at the startup and can be shared by services in different packages…

For eg. Look Up tables from excel sheet to be accessed by different services.

Appreciate your comments.


Pravin, are there requirements for how this data must be stored before the startup of the Integration Server? For example, must the data be loaded from a flat file; from an XML document; from a database; may it be hard-coded?

Knowing this requirement will help provide you with a better solution.


I have a similar requirement. I need to load an XML file at startup. This XML file is basically a list of name and email address. Once it is loaded. I can just query with name and get the email id.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


I’ve had this same situation in the past. I created a Java class that has nothing in it but a static Hashtable and placed it in my package code directory, then wrote some Java services to add and retrieve values from that hashtable. It’s then easy to just add the values in your XML (or properties, or whatever else) using the add service and retrieve them when necessary with the retrieve service.

And before you ask, no, I’m not allowed to post the actual code. My company doesn’t allow me to post code that I’ve written for clients.