Getting this error in IS SERVER " [WmAuditingSC.logger.3405E] (tid=1455) [3405] In logger 'Error Logger', failed to log to destination; reason: Fatal SQLException detected"

Good Day!

Whenever I login to the IS, I get the below error. Can you please help me on this

“[WmAuditingSC.logger.3405E] (tid=1455) [3405] In logger ‘Error Logger’, failed to log to destination; reason: Fatal SQLException detected”

Thanks in advance

Hi Aamir. The message is telling you that the table used by the Error Logger (the WMERROR table) isn’t in the database the your ISCoreAudit JDBC pool connects to. You should check that and, if not there, use the Database Component Configurator tool to run the scripts that will create the ISCoreAudit tables. Another possibility is that you’ve created the auditing tables but your ISCoreAudit JDBC pool is connecting to a different database or a different schema.


Thanks Michael for your help. Much Appreciated!!!

Now, I have configured the ISCoreAudit JDBC pool for the right database connection (webmuser_IS). The error has disappeared. However, I am unable to see the logs of my operation; it is throwing the another error.

FYI, I have created separate connections in the database for each component. For the ISCoreAudit component, I have connected the JDBC pool to webmuser_IS in the database. I have attached the screenshot for your reference.

For this “Central User Manager initialization failed”. Do I need to modify any connections?

Thanks in advance for the help!!

Hi Aamir,

depending on how you have setup your database schema, you will only need four connection pools at minimum:
IS (containing PE, ProcessAudit, IS Core Audit, IS Internal etc.)
TN (TradingNetworks)
MWS (Central User Management)
Archive (for archiving/deleting old Audit entries)

Assign the MWS Pool to the Central Users function.

Remember to configure the SAML-URL under Settings-> Ressources to the MWS URL and the WmMonitor package to the MWS connectivity.

If you plan to use Optimize, you should setup an additional schema for the Optimize tables.

In the DB Configurator you should setup the schemas using the PRODUCT section instead of the Components section as the PRODUCT section contains all the components relevant for each product:
IS: BPM & IntegrationServer (contains PE, IS Core Audit, IS Internal, ProcessAudit, XRef, DocHistory, …)
MWS: MyWebMetthodsServer (contains the tables for Central Users as well
TN: TradingNetworks
Optimize: Optimize
Archive: Archiving (contains IS Core Audit & ProcessAudit tables additionally for archiving purposes)


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