Getting the JNDI Test lookup failed

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a JNDI Provider alias in wM IS 10.5 and trying to connect to wM UM using nsps protocal, getting the below error,

Test lookup failed for primary JNDI provider URL “nsps://IP_Address:9095”: JNDI setup failed on RNAME=nsps://IP_Address:9095

While I’m trying to connect with the same using nsp protocal getting sucessful. All the Trust certificates were imported at both the end(IS as well as UM). And configured to the respective port.

But still facing the same issue. Can anyone help me to overcome this issue.

Sai Dinakar.

Can you verify if you have a JNDI context created? There will be a channel created as naming/defaultContext and after clicking the server name and then selecting the JNDI will show you the connection factories. If you don’t have a connection factory or JNDI context, you need to create them. Check the screenshot below for reference, I marked the important parts.

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