Getting Started

I am relatively new to WebMethods and have taken some of the training offered. Naturally that only scratches the surface. I am looking for what I would call a checklist of activities that need to be done and/or accomplished in order to define a new trading partner and created the components necessary to get them installed. Does such a thing exist anywhere? WebMethods Version 4.6 is being used here. Any help is greatly appreciated, even if only pointing me in the right direction!



welcome to wmusers!!

Can you elaborate more on your integration task that has to be done?
So that this will anyone help to respond accurately.

For trading partner interaction the following webMethods components needs to be installed:
IntegrationServer,Developer tool (IDE),TradingNetworks Server which connects to backend DB(optional),TradingNetwork Condole (optional)etc…

Regarding webMethods documentation download it from site.This site provides lot of Architecture,technical documentation,whitepapers,fAQ’s etc…