Getting Started With Designer

Hey all,

First time poster, here, trying to get Java tracing working in Designer and have been finding the documentation a little arcane. Figured I’d post just before heading off for the night in the hope that some wise, benevolent soul will be able to point me in the right direction.

Essentially, my query is this; I’ve connected to my IS, I’ve got all my packages loaded up in Package Navigation and I’ve loaded my service, but as far as I can tell, it can’t see all the imports set in place in the Shared section when it was developed in Developer. As such, it won’t compile, as it’s missing a whole bunch of imports!

Anyone know how I should work around this?

Thanks very much for reading!

hmmm well to be really honest, hasn’t understood your problem… please eloborate little more :slight_smile:

You need to explain if you use Designer 7.1.2, 7.2 or 8.0.

The first one does not have “service development” view, while the others 2 does.

From the litle explanation looks like you have created a Java service, and while you edit on Designer you do not see the “shared” section with all the imports. This indicates you use ServiceDevelopment view so 7.2 or 8.0.

When loading a Java service on Designer, you should see the imports when you display the Java source! just like a eclipse regular Java file.

Sorry about that, I really should have mentioned I’m using Designer 8.0 - this is kind of a precursor to a potential migration from wM6.5 -> 8.0, but also just a matter of convenience for the time being.

The entire wM code base was written in Developer 6.5, packages were then exported from the Package Management section of the 6.5 server’s admin page and installed on to the 8.0 server. I’ve then opened Designer 8.0, connected to the 8.0 server, gone into the Service Development view, opened one of the Java services and the compiler error bar is littered with ‘cannot resolve to a type’ errors for things that I’ve imported.

That said, looking further into it (sorry, was a bit hurried last night =x), I can find the imports, but a few of them can’t be resolved - I’m guessing there’s some external JARs in our wm6.5 install that are missing from 8.0 - hopefully hunting them down will help with this.

Sorry to waste your time, guys! =/

Argh, maybe I posted too soon.

So, to clarify - the imports it can’t manage are anything in org.apache (for XML /XPATH handling stuff).

My prior thought that maybe the JARs hadn’t been copied over is actually, clearly, erroneous, as I’ve had the 8.0 server actually -use- the code that Designer can’t compile when connected to it, and the code can be viewed, compiled, edited, etc fine in Developer 8.0.

Is there somewhere in Designer 8.0 that I need to tell it to look for external JARs even if Developer 8.0 and the IS they’re connected to can see them? Is there an equivalent setting in Developer 8.0 I can look for and copy into Designer 8.0?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks again!

Sorry to keep posting so often; I got the imports working by making a local folder for the needed JARs and pointing the project at them. Tracing was working fine until I try using a Service.doInvoke(“path”,“service”,IData input) call.

This is throwing an unknown service exception - my guess is that this is because the service I’m calling (a JDBC Apadter service) is in the same folder as the calling Java service. As such, when I save locally, Designer is renaming the “path” part of my call to the name of the calling service + “_SVC”. The code is then calling the IS, but the folder it’s looking for doesn’t exist and it errors?

Am I right about this? If so, what’s the best work around? Can I call a JDBC Adapter in the same folder without using Service.doInvoke()?