Getting rid of Unicode


I am working on an Enterprise Server (5.0) based Integration that interfaces with an Oracle 9i database using a JDBC Adapter (4.6)

I want to retrieve information made of NUMBER and VARCHAR2 fields and map it into a webMethods document. For performance reasons ( my documents can reach 10 Mbytes), I do not want to map them into Unicode String fields that cost 16 bits per digit.

However, it seems that using the SELECT Configured Operation, it is not possible to map a NUMBER or VARCHAR2 field into an simple String format, and that I have to map it into an Unicode String format.

Any idea someone of a way to get rid of that Unicode ??

Thanks in advanceā€¦

The data are stored in Java strings in both the configured operation and the Integration Component. Java strings are always Unicode. Using a unicode_string field to pass the data means they can be passed straight through, without conversion. Using a string field actually makes things more difficult, because it adds two data conversion steps.

Make sure to use string fields in the output document of the Integration Component.