Getting PortletContainer ID

How to get the Portlet Containers ID from a Noodle Page.
My Portlet Container ID is something like this :
Though I declare a separate alias name for my Portlet Instance, the does not show the Portlet’s Alias Name…

If you know the alias of the portlet you’re on, then use the below piece of code to get the PortletID programmatically.
There might be a better way to fetch the PortletID in 8.x as this code has been written in 7.x version

int id = -1;
IURI uri = PortalSystem.getPortalSystem().acquireURI(alias);
if(uri instanceof IThingID) {
IThingID thing = (IThingID)uri;
id = thing.getDbID();

The Container is the page and can be found with this javascript:

(There is a lot of other data hanging off of the as well)

You can also find out all the portlets on the page with this:

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but in any case, feel free to check out the Noodle javadocs here: