getting MwS 7.1 to talk to IS/TN

How does mWs connect to IS/TN? I entered the hostname and port 5555 under ‘System Settings’ and ‘Administration Preferences’, but I don’t see a place for username/password to connect to IS. When I go to ‘Server Settings’ I get lots of errors. Is there any config required in IS to allow mWs to connect? If so, where is the documentation for this specifically (page num please). Some of the screens throw error saying ‘premature end of file’ and there appears to be access denied errors in the IS. I went thru hundreds of pages of pdf docs and didn’t see this in the install guides, admin or MwS guides.

Any help will be appreciated.


What are you trying to use MwS to do in IS and TN? IS Administrator is still the admin tool for IS 7.1. Were you working with Monitor, Broker Admin (Messaging), etc.?


Yes, IS is working fine and so is TN console (with deprecated features enabled), but I want to look at the web-based TN features such as role-based management, partner queueing, not to mention looking at the transactions, etc. It appears that MwS is trying to connect to IS as the Adminstrator user, but it doesn’t have access to the* services that are trying to be invoked from MwS.

Ok - to answer my own question…when mWs talks to IS/TN to get server settings, access TN transactions, profiles, etc it invokes TN services that have the TNMWSUsers ACL applied to them. The user you are logged in as in mws (in my case Administrator) is used to connect to IS, so I had to put the Administrators group in the TNMWSUsers ACL.