Getting JMSSample 7.1 working

Hi there, I am struggling to get the JMS Sample (,, from advantage working - any help appreciated.

My config is that I have Broker 7.1.2 and I want to understand how I create a standalone Java program to send and receive messages to and from the Broker. Although I can achieve the equivalent setup using IS 7.1.2 my particular situation is that my client is a standalone Java program.

The JNDI provider that I am using is the Broker so I have file in my classpath containing the following:
java.naming.provider.url=wmjmsnaming://Broker #1@ltxpeburo117346:7149

My classpath includes the Jar files:

I have compiled the sample files with the jar files and the sample runs but I am getting stuck on the JNDI lookup.

The instructions are to run the program as follows:

So I am assuming that the factory name indicates the JMSDestination type (queue or topic) and I have tried running the application as follows:

SenderApplication javax.jms.TopicConnectionFactory destTopic hello_world
SenderApplication com.webmethods.jms.WmTopicConnectionFactory destTopic hello_world
with no success

The error I get is:

Factory object named ‘com.webmethods.jms.WmTopicConnectionFactory’ was not found in the naming system.