Getting idoc DOCNUM and status from SAP system

Hi All,

I’m using the SAP adapter to send an idoc from the IS to the SAP system. When the idoc is sent to SAP, I want to receive the DOCNUM and the status of this idoc immediately after the SAP system received the idoc.

What is the best way of getting this info? Using service sap.monitor.idoc:getSTATUS?

For sending the idoc to the SAP system I’m using the service

I’m using:

  • wM 6.1
  • Sap Adapter 4.6

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Refer the webMethods_SAP_R_3_Adapter_Users_Guide_4.6.pdf page numbers (119-121) to get the status of IDOC you can make use either IDOCTrace or status update via SYSTAT01 idoc if your SAP system configures this back to IS Adapter (sender)…