Getting Error while starting IS

Broker is installed in my IS but I am getting following error from Broker side while I am starting IS.

[COLOR=Red]java.util.MissingResourceException: Unable to load ResourceBundle[/color]

[SIZE=4][B][/b][COLOR=Red]How can I resolve this issue? If anyone knows it then please reply me.

Thanks in Advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala

i get that sometimes too but it doesnt seem to effect anything. Are you having problems with publish or subscribe?

nopeā€¦ I dont have it. But I want to know the reason why it is coming?

Right Now I am getting problem in MyWebMethod Server in which I got All Processes which I made but I am not able to Enable any process.

How can I do that?

Thanks in Advance,
Istiyak Vasiwala

hi mate

i think it is unlikely these things are related. resourcebundles are a way to specific name/value pairs for changing things like labels and text in java apps, if a resource bundle isnt there it should mess up anything significantly.

Your problem about enabling processes is a bit different and often these are really tricky to figure out. publish and subscribe is used in the way it enable processes. check pub/sub works and make sure all docs are synced to the broker too.


Thanks for helping till now Zezeran,

Yes all the docs are synced to the broker but the problem is only that I am not able to enable any process which are all listed in MWS.

What to do? Please suggest me if u have any idea abt it