Getting error while inserting Order Line Items for an alread

I am getting the following error when trying to insert a new order line item for already existing Order

(124) A Siebel error occurred while inserting a record for the specified document type: “The operation invalid when there are no rows available.”

Adapter : Seibel 6/2000 Intelligent Adapter
Connection Type: thick
Siebel Version : 6.0

It looks like the Business Component needs to know about the Order before it can insert the Line Item. Any Ideas ?


Choose the following when creating the configured operation,

BO: Order Entry
BC: Order Entry - Line Items
Additional BC : Order Entry - Orders

in the search tab set a query on the Additional Business component, Order Entry - Orders. For example search for a specific Order using the “Id” or the “Order Number” or some other field which can be used to identify the “Order Entry” for which you are trying to insert the Line Item.

Hope this helps.