Getting error when sending large XML file


I am getting the follwing errors when i am sending large XML files from production to Test server using HTTP and from there i am sending the data to AS400 using wm.EDIINT:send and i am using synchronous MDN.

  1. [ISC.0064.9306] Connection was closed during read

  2. java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: OutOfMemoryError

I have also increased the java_max to 2560M in the test server. When ever i restart the system, i dont get the errors for couple of days.

Please let me know if any of u have any idea on what to do.



I have a same error. When I send multiple records, for example, 20 records, to the partner side,
then I received normally MDN for 19 records, but only I record , is saying errorful.
error message is as follows.
==> Delivery Failed: [ISC.0064.9306] Connection was closed during read…

please let me know how to solve this error.

thank you.