getting error in developer :server version has changed. open a new session


I am very new to webMethods, I have an issue while connecting to IS6.1 from developer6.1. its giving me below error.

–The server version of ‘wmprod:5555’ has changed. Open a new session –

I am not sure what was changed. Please provide me any suggestions on how to get rid of this.

Are you sure IS and Developer are on same version?

below are the server and developer details.

Product webMethods Integration Server
Version 6.1
Updates IS_6-1_FP2
Build Number 132
SSL Strong (128-bit)

Developer 6.1 Build 132

Hi Pradeep,

are you sure that you want to use this version?

6.1 is fairly old and no longer supported.

Does disconnecting and reconnecting in Developer help to solve your issue.
Eventually you will have to shutdown and restart the IS one more time.