Getting error during naturalone dowload

The below error occurs

[u][b]Count not connect to server

Could not connect to

The remote side uses a protocol version that is not enabled

Please help on resolving this error.

It looks like a problem with your browser preferences/settings.

What OS and what browser and version are you using to download?

Are you connecting directly to the internet or going through a proxy server?


Using Windows 10 and in Chrome/Edge browser. And using proxy server.

I suspect the problem is with your proxy server, since I was able to login and download the Adabas CE with Win 10 using the Edge browser with no problem.

Can you bypass your proxy server for the download? Or if it’s the proxy for your work or school network, can you ask tech support for help?

Since your first error message indicated you could not connect to, I’m wondering how you were able to sign in to set up your member account and post messages? Did you use a different computer? Maybe you could download using that one.

Otherwise, I have no other ideas.

Good luck.