Getting empty request

Hi All,

We are using webservice to communicate between SFDC ( .com legacy system) and webMehtods. When ever a request is sent from SFDC its hitting webMethods but the request is empty. we are capturing the request by savepipeline to file service in which we do not find anything.

The error which is displayed at SFDC side is “org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: Values”


How did you create the IS web service? Did you use SOAP-RPC or document/literal style? To what URL are you posting your soap request?

Assuming that you went with the path of least effort and used soap-rpc, you should check the IS service that you have exposed to ensure that it handling exceptions correctly. Try disabling all of the code that does real work and start by populating the output variables with hard-coded test values in a single map step. When that works you can switch back to the real code and see what happens.


Hi mcarlson/All,

Can you please tell me the architectural and implementation differences between JDBC(any other adapter) and SFDC as there is no concrete working example/tutorial on how SFDC works.