Getting content out of different MimeDataparts


We are facing the problem that we receive to different data from an http post: First is a string from a ListBox called “eMailAdresse” and the second is a flatfile called “name”
and we are not able to get out the content of each input!

After pub.mime:getTransportInfo and some transformations i have following structure in the pipeline:
see attached File: XYZ0101

can anyone help us

xyz0101 (2.7 k)

Calling html-site
Kopie von index.html (0.6 k)


According to the pipeline data that you have attached, the flatfile is contained in the second part with input name = “file”. I am not sure what approach are you taking to extract the form-data… one way to do this would be to convert (if you are not already doing this) into MimeData by first using pub.mime:mergeHeaderAndBody and pub.mime:createMimeData. Once you have the MimeData, count the number of parts use a repeat to loop over all the parts. For each part get the Body Part Header (pub.mime:getBodyPartHeader) and the Body Part Content (pub.mime:getBodyPartContent). Use the output (mimeHeader) of the pub.mime:getBodyPartHeader to extract the input name (corresponding to each input parameter in the html form). The part that has an input name of ‘file’ will have the contents of that file in the ‘content’ obtained from the pub.mime:getBodyPartContent.

HTH, Rohit