Getting Authentication error in server log frequently

We are getting below error in Integration Server,

[3534]2018-06-06 16:38:38 BST [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user Administrator on port 7221 → ‘spm/monitoring/state/’ from
[3533]2018-06-06 16:38:38 BST [ISS.0012.0012W] Authentication of user “Administrator” failed with exception: Login Failure: all modules ignored.

This error is coming in every 30 seconds. Any idea why it is coming, I have tried below :-

  1. reset SPM password,
  2. Made SPM password is same as IS password.


Have you restarted the SPM?
Do you see the same errors on SPM’s logs?
Have you checked the CCE?

Best regards,

Hi I restarted SPM remote and local both.
NO I can not see same logs in SPM
I have done below to resolve this issue:-

  1. In local SPM and Command central, set the authentication to fixed user - Administrator.
  2. In remote SPM and IS , set the authentication to fixed user and provided Admin user and passwrod.
    restarted both. and IS also

But still getting the same error