Getting 403 error for web services


we are using WebMethods 9.9 version.

For all webservice and rest service, we have created a central user in MWS named ‘WStestUser’ and this WStestUser is associated to a group and role name WStestGroup & ‘WSTestRole’ respectively.

we also created an ACL named WSTestACL in IS and associated it with Administrator + WSTestRole.

The permission set in designer for the web service provider for execute ACL is WStestUser.

This setting was working fine till last week, but suddenly we started getting an error mentioned below for all SOAP services where as the Rest services are working fine -

2017-08-02 16:10:14 CEST [ISS.0053.0012C] Access is denied for user “WStestUser” on port 5555-> ‘ws/Importertest_WSV.Importertestsoaphttps/1.0’ from client “XX.” through Enterprise Gateway ".

Please assist, Thanks!

Hi Nivedita,

as long as those user do not require specific permissions on MWS side, a role is not really required.

You can assign the group to the ACL.

Please provide your wM version.

Were there anything changed on these servers from the time it was working for the last time and now?
Is it possible to restart the IntegrationServer as there might be an issue on the connection to the MWS/database?

From the error message I can see that there is an Enterprise Gateway involved.
Are there any issues with the Enterprise Gateway?


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply,

  1. Group is assigned to the ACL.
  2. wM version -
  3. We already tried to restart the IntegrationServer, but it did not help.
  4. Not sure about the issue in the Enterprise Gateway, but we are assuming that it is working fine as Rest services are having no issues and deployed to mediator in same way like
  5. We are planning to increase the mediator logging in IS now to see if can get information on the error.