getInstanceListCustomData is not limit the results even if you put filter condition.

Hi All,

I am using the built-in service pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceListCustomData to get the list of all the process instances that meet the custom data specified in the input.
But the problem that I am facing is this service doesn’t take into consideration the dateCreated and fromDate and toDate fields specified in the input.

It gives me the list of all the process instances even though, I try to limit the result by setting the dateCreated as Yesterday/LastWeek etc.Even if I set the fromDate and toDate fields it returns all the process instances.

Request you to please help me if anyone has faced this issue and know of any resolution.


Hi Guru,

This might be slightly late, but still I will post the solution.

To service has one input parameter called as “isAnd”. The search parameter that is provided in the service by default has OR condition specified. So the service returns all the Process instances that matches any of the criteria provided. If you wan’t AND condition, then just set isAnd=true. This will give you the desired result.

The documentation states that the default value is AND for this parameter, but I guess, due to some bug, this is not working.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil