getFaultBlock throws error


I have a custom webService consumer in IntegrationServer 8.2. I have major issues trying to extract Fault information from the response message. The flow service looks like this:

PooledSOAPClient -> Returns a String with the response from the webService interface.
stringToBytes -> Converts the String to UTF8 byte array.
bytesToStream -> Creates a Stream from the byte array.
createMimeData -> mimeData from stream.
getBodyPartContent -> Retrieves the SOAP envelope from the MIME data part.
streamToSoapData -> Builds SoapData from the BodyPartContent’s result.
Here when debugging the service SOAPData looks like the following in the pipeline:

The next step would be to retrieve the actual fault. Well it doesn’t go that easy I guess…
validateSoapData -> no errors so far.
getFaultBlock -> Exception being thrown. the error log: cannot be cast to
I guess the MEssageContext is not the result of streamToSoapData, but then how could I retrieve the fault information from a soapData?

@Edit: For now I fixed this issue with a simple JavaService that basically looks like the following:

IDataCursor inputCursor = pipeline.getCursor();
		Object inputObject = IDataUtil.get(inputCursor, "soapData");
		SOAPMessage soapData = null;
		if (inputObject instanceof SOAPMessage) {
			soapData = (SOAPMessage) inputObject;
		SOAPFault FAULT = null;
		try {
			Vector bodyEntries = soapData.getBodyEntries();
			Iterator<?> iter = bodyEntries.iterator();
			while (iter.hasNext()) {
				Object bodyEntry =;
				if (bodyEntry instanceof SOAPFault) {
					FAULT = (SOAPFault) bodyEntry;
		} catch (Exception e) {
			throw new ServiceException(e.getMessage());
		IData Fault = IDataFactory.create();
		IDataCursor FaultCursor = Fault.getCursor();
		IDataUtil.put(FaultCursor, "FaultCode", FAULT.getFaultCode());
		IDataUtil.put(FaultCursor, "Reasons", new String[] { FAULT.getFaultString() });
		IDataCursor outputCursor = pipeline.getCursor();
		IDataUtil.put(outputCursor, "Fault", Fault);

Tho I’m opened to more elegant solutions also.

Thanks for the tips!

Best Regards,