Get SOAPException

I’m calling a webservice from MWS CAF, that was imported using glue.
When I call the WebService and for some reason the webservice returns a SOAP Exception, the webservice refresh methods throws a ContentProviderException. Now, my question is:
How can I get the Soap Exception that was throwed by the WebService that I call?


You can use the soap monitor to inspect the raw webservice envelope.
See demo @

Or, you can add a WebserviceClientErrorHandler field to your page bean and set the binding of the errorHandler property of your webservice provider to point to this error handler bean. Then any error occurred inside provider methods will be delegated to the handler (you can also provide implementation of you own handler via interface).

You can take a look at the /samples/caf/wm_coreproviderstest. Look for view/ErrorHandling folder.

Samples source code is available for download from

Hi Jose,

The first thing I do when I receive a SOAP exception in CAF is to check if all the required parameters are provided.

That is, input parameters set in the web-app and the output parameters returned by the service.