Get endpoint service from handler

Hello everyone,
we have some web services with their flow services as providers. All the webservices are using a single request handler to preprocess the soap message. It would be useful for us to know the endpoint service that will be called after handler execution. Is there any way to achieve this? I’ve read existing documentation about web services and there’s no information for this.
Thank you!

Hi Gustavo,

can you provide some more details please?

wM Version?

If I understand right, there is one WSD provider node with multiple operations with each pointing to a flow service.
The endpoint address will look like the following:


can be copied from Designer when selecting the explicit operation service in the created WSD Provider folder.
The operation service should invoke the real flow implementation service then.


Hi Holger!
We use WM 9.6 and we have several WSD with only one operation each one. But all of them use the same provider handler to process the request before executing the flow service. This handler reads SOAP message headers to extract some information to write into a log. But in this handler I need to know what service I’m going to execute but I don’t know how to get this information.
Thank you for your reply!


Per your requirement,do you want to know which flow service operation does the provider handler invoked during the run-time and need to log that info also?


Hi Gustavo,

can you try getTransportInfo?

I think it might be easier to determine which WS operation has been invoked then to detect which flow service will be invoked subsequently. But if there is a naming scheme in place you can derive the flow service name from the operation name.