Get away with JMS adapter in webMethods 8.2?

Hi all,
I have a doubt. We are currently using 6.5 version and planning to move to 8.2.2 this year. We are using JMS adpater to connect to one of our application on weblogic server.
I heard that in 8.2 webmethods version we dont need to have an add-on JMS adpater we can use JNDI setting under Mesaging settings. It has pre-defined templates and by providing the JNDI URL we can connect to any JMS provider. So when i create a polling notification can i use the JNDI alias name from the JNDI setting instead of the JMS adpater connection name?

Any kind of knowledge would be appreciated!

for the new WM messaging, you don’t need to create polling notification, just simply create a trigger using the JMS connection alias.
Pls refer to the chapter “Configuring Integration Server for JMS Messaging” in “Administering webMethods Integration Server”

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