Get ALL rows of a table in table model

I need to loop over all the rows in a table. For this, I used following code:

var tableModel = CAF.model('#{caf:cid("asyncTable")}'); 
var allRowsModel = tableModel .list();

However, this code gives only 10 rows in the row Model list, corresponding to row numbers of the page (if I am on page 1 then rows 1 to 10 only).

Is there a setting in table properties by which I can get all the rows from the table model?

The client-side model is only expected to have a slice of your table rows and user would utilize the paging controls to navigate to other slices of the dataset. This is for performance reasons when operating with very large table models.

Generally, operations that need to evaluate against all the rows of the table would be better to do in a server-side action handler.