Get Adapter Connection properties

I would like to get details of SAP and JDBC adapter connection properties

For example: I have 10 SAP adapter connections and I would like to get values of below properties for all the 10 SAP adapter connections and insert it into a file
Properties are:
User Name
Load Balancing
Application Server
System Number
Logon Group
Message Server
System ID

Any help is appreciated

Use in invoke service.

Hi Mahesh
Thank you for the reply.
I cannot see…
Can you point me to a resource from where i can download it.
My Software AG Designer is 9.0 and Integration Server is 8.2
I have attached a screenshot of WmArt package


2-12-2015 9-10-19 AM.jpg

I was pretty sure that you will ask me this question :slight_smile: but anyways the answer is : you cannot list or view this service in package navigator due to ListACL

A trick will do:

Create a empty flow service and select invoke/insert from your developer/designer and you will get a window popped out just paste the service name and click OK, you will see this service in your editor. Pass the required input I mean the connectionAliasName

I hope it is clear to you now, if not get back to me with questions. Good luck and good night :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: . Guru, if you were sure, then why, you did not include it in your first response. :slight_smile: :). just kidding bro.
But thanks for the quick response and for the solution, appreciate it man
good night

Just some Pseudo-Code.
loop over result-list (for each registered Adapter, when you are only interested in one specific Adapter you can start here.)
loop over the result-list (for each Connection)


Exactly Holger. I am going to store all the responses in a list and dump it in the spreadsheet or csv file at the end