Getting the JDBC Connection Information

How do i get the JDBC Connection information.


You may also find the services in useful, such as getResourceStatistics, getResourceState, … .
Most of these service take the name of your JDBC Adapter connection as an input.




What packages do you need to import? Where is the JDBCConnPoolAdmin class located?


Hi Mark

All the classes you need are in the server.jar (which is in your classpath). You need to import the* and*

Good luck, Chris

For those who dislike using wildcards on import statements, the fully qualified names of the classes that need to be imported are:

  • [*]


Mark, thanks for that. Sometimes I rush a little too much to present these things properly :wink:

Sorry for waking up this old thread, but could you elaborate a bit more (e.g. code snippet) on how to get a JDBC connection using those libraries, please?

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Hi Marcus,

Can you please explain what exact information you are trying to retrieve as there are many built-in service available now.

Baharul Islam

For listing JDBC adapter connection alias names only, use the service with input “JDBCAdapter” in WmART


@Mahesh and Baharul:
Many thanks for your feedback so far!
Regarding your question, I want connection handles from the connection manager for given JDBC connection names (as listed in the WmJDBCAdapter package) to query different databases in a Java service.

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