get a pdf - file into the tamino database


does anybody know, how to put a pdf-file into the database ?
I heard the possibility to make it.
I’m working with Tamino XML Server 4.4.1 and JDOM.
Later I want to show it on the web.



You want to use a non-XML insert as opposed to an XML insert.

Yeah, that’s right.
Well, in the final result, it’s not possible to put such a file into the database ?
I have to convert a pdf file into a xml file, that’s the only possibility ?

I believe that support for non-XML files has been in Tamino since the very first release. I have various test programs for other APIs that successfully insert non-XML files. It is not required to convert non-XML files into XML files before insertion.

Have you looked at the supplied samples?

Hi, thx, I found it… now I have to look how to view the pdf-file in a browser with the help of JDOM.
I hope i’s not so hard ;O) maybe you’ve some sample source - code ? :O)

I don’t think that you even need JDOM to retrieve the PDF file.

Simple Java HTTP commands to get the specific file should be sufficient.