get a NON XML File. Where ?

I Use Tamino with the next Information:
url : http://localhost/tamino/myDB
collection: myCol
DocType : myDT
File : data.txt
When I use the following code:
dim myDB as string
dim lDoc

myDB = “http://localhost/tamino/myDB/myCol/myDT/data.txt
Set lDoc = TaminoNX.GetNonXml(myDB,“data.txt”)

1). I’m not sure if that work correct ?
2). If it does, I don’t know where is the content of the file data.txt ?
3). Is there a method where I can get the conten of the data.txt ??

Please, who can help me ???
who has the most creatively IDEA ???

The first parameter of method getNonXML is a relativ path, unless it starts with “HTTP”. This is what the Tamino documentation sais:


Gets a document or file from the Tamino database.
lpszReURL - NULL or the relative URL added to the database URL if it does not begin with “http://”
lpszFile - the document or file
Return Type:

So I guess, your code is ok. When the call was successful, the resulting document should be in IDoc.

Not quite correct “IDoc” should be the response document. This should tell you how many bytes were read. “data.txt” should hold the recovered document.